Our Year 2 Class is taught by Mrs Roberts.  The teaching assistant is Miss Thurston.  Also working in Year 2 are Mrs Sturdy and Mrs Penn.

Outdoor Learning Week

Year 2 took lots of their learning outside this week. They worked with Year 6 to identify leaves and trees around the school, together the children collected leaves to make into bookmarks. They also planted seeds to make 'grass heads' which they took home to observe as the seeds germinated and grew. With Year 1 the children collected sticks to make a fire, then they enjoyed toasting, and eating, marshmallows around the fire. We had a great week with so much outdoor learning being able to take place as the weather was really kind to us.
As part of Outdoor Learning Week, the children collected objects from nature to use as story prompts to help them with their English adventure writing. They placed the objects on the island then used them to help tell a draft of their story to the class.
Grass Heads

The children in KS1 took part in a cricket workshop led by Mr. Glen from Launceston Cricket Club. They watched a short film explaining the fun of cricket along with the teamwork, sportsmanship and respect involved in the game. Separated into two groups the children became two teams, England v Australia. Each team played a game of throwing and catching, with the children counting each catch. The winning team won a model cricket bat to display in their class. 

Today Year 2 enjoyed sharing non-fiction books. While they read the books, they looked for non-fiction features. Once they had spotted the features they related them to books on their Science topic of plants.

We have been eagerly watching our cress growing on cotton wool, broad bean seeds, chitting potatoes and dwarf sunflower seeds, looking out for signs of germination.

Practical Science

Year 2 spent the afternoon learning about plants and what they need to grow. Mr Hudson showed the children different seeds, including seed potatoes. The children discussed whether seeds always needed soil or compost to grow. In groups, Classes 1 and 2 worked together to plant sunflower seeds in compost, broad bean seeds in plastic bottles and cress seeds on cotton wool, in plastic bags. The groups also had a nature walk around the school gardens where they learnt about the life cycle of an apple tree. 


Maths - Measures

Today Year 2 took their maths outdoors into the sunshine. The children made fruit drinks for The Town and Country Mice, the main characters in their class read. They were given a recipe, which they had to follow carefully before accurately measuring different fruit squash into their jugs. The children worked together well, taking turns to pour the juice and read the millimetre scale. They finished the lesson with a little taste of the fruit juice they had made.

We enjoyed an afternoon learning about cardboard and sustainability in a workshop led by DS Smith.  We learnt about the importance of recycling along with the work carried out by DS Smith, they can make, use and recycle cardboard packaging within 14 days. We investigated different boxes for different purposes, even waterproof boxes to ensure 'Charlie Bears' travel safely to their new families. Later we made and decorated our own 'Boxy' mascots.   Thank you Mrs Kirrage and colleagues for a fantastic afternoon.

Maths Investigations

How long does it take chocolate to melt in your mouth? This was the question Class 2 had to answer. They began by discussing what the word 'dissolving' means and deciding on how they could make it a fair test. The children followed three methods to dissolve a chocolate button in their mouth. Method 1- Do nothing. Method 2 - Move tongue but don't chew the button. Method 3- Chew the button. They timed and recorded how long it took the button to melt. After the experiment they shared their ideas to see what they found out.


Class 2 carried out Science investigations linked to the Weather topic. We created a cloud in a jar using a warmed jar, a match, lit by an adult, and ice. Once the groups had prepared their investigation, they watched a cloud form in their jar, before releasing it into the classroom. They also carried out an activity creating rain in a bowl, with lead learners leading the experiment. The children were able to link these investigations to their earlier learning on the process of the Water Cycle.

Music this half term has linked with our Geography topic of Weather. The children have been taught by Mrs Bridle from Cornwall Music Education to play different weather themes on percussion instruments. In groups, the children chose to create compositions for their chosen weather type, including snowy, frosty, foggy and misty.

Year 2 have been looking at the county of Cornwall and the place it has within the United Kingdom, we have looked at its seas and borders. Today the children explored atlases to find the United Kingdom on a world map.  They also made a flag of St. Piran and learnt a little about the saint and how he came to live in Cornwall.

Year 6 and Year 2 spent time together sharing their learning. Year 6 read their, brilliantly written, Rock, Paper, Scissors stories to Year 2 after enjoying the stories, Year 2 class shared their learning on Amelia Earhart