Our Year 2 Class is taught by Mrs Roberts.  The teaching assistant is Miss Thurston.  Also working in Year 2 is Mrs Pearson.
We have been working hard to create an outside area for the children to use for learning in the afternoon. We will still be using a traditional lesson format for some of our afternoon lessons, but we hope that this outside area will allow the children to work on their communication skills, social skills and learning behaviours, through an interactive and explorative learning approach. We currently have a DT, science, maths and geography challenge station, along with weaving, role play and sensory activities.

Unfortunately, on the days where the weather is miserable, we will be running these activities in the classroom.

World Book Day - March 3rd 2022
The children had a great day celebrating reading, exploring new authors and sharing books. We turned the whole classroom into a massive reading den, complete with a tunnel which the children had to crawl through to reach the den. Each child created a 'Reading for Pleasure' Diary full of activities chosen to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of reading.
Smoothie making 
For Design Technology this term, the children have been designing and making healthy smoothies. We discussed how to working safely with the equipment and choose ingredients that compliment each other.