Welcome to Class 6
Year 6 is taught by Mrs Fox and Mrs Davey.  Also working in year 6 is Mrs Barker.

Outdoor Learning Week

As part of their outdoor learning, Class 6 spent time enjoying working outside with the Reception children. They had a great time together finding and using nature to help them create beautiful butterflies. Later they also experienced toasting marshmallows and enjoying hot chocolate around a camp fire lit by Miss Rowe. We had a great week, the weather was very kind to us so taking our learning outside in the sunshine was a pleasure.

Year 6 used view finders to study everyday objects and sketch them, using the inspiration of Andy Goldsworthy's nature art.

Today Year 6 used nature around them to create 'Flying Creatures' in the style of Andy Goldswothy.

Year 6 had a very interesting morning discussing politics, parliament and religion with St. Ives MP Derek Thomas.  They asked some amazing questions, well done!

Outdoor Learning

Once Year 6 had finished their SATs for the week, they joined Reception Class for some learning outdoors. In the wild garden they lit fires, toasted marshmallows and enjoyed hot chocolate drinks. Earlier in the week, the classes joined together to make butterflies using natural and man-made materials.

Class 6 held a cake sale to raise funds for their End of Year Prom Night. Together, the class made and decorated Chocolate Krispies. At home the children helped their parents make cakes to donate to the sale.  Over two break times Class 6 sold the cakes to the rest of the school. Thank you to our brilliant parents who supported their children with this event.  Together you all raised a massive £180. Well Done everyone. 

Science Days

The first of our two day Health and well-being Science days started with an active session warming up to music, later they took part in an online yoga session. Tesco, very kindly, donated lots of fruit to be shared throughout the whole school. Class 6 visited every class so each child could have healthy fruit to enjoy during their break.
Later the school took part in various keeping your body healthy workshops. These were led by a local Chiropodist, Dental Hygienist, Yoga Teacher, Sugar Smart and a NHS Ambulance Technician.

World Book Day

Today Year 6 joined with the rest of our school to celebrate their love of books and reading. The day began with a book making activity. Every child in school made a book and filled it with their very own story. Year 6 also enjoyed a short 'brain gym' session, led by Mrs 'Gansta Granny' Roberts. During the afternoon the school split into House groups, everyone read their stories to other children in their group. Well Done Year 6, a lot of you came as book characters, we had Gansta Grannies, Super Mario, Pinocchio, Harry Potter, Where's Wally and many more - In costume or not, you all looked great

Keith Roberts visited our R.E. lesson to share his experience of starting Launceston Foodbank and Debt Advice. He spoke of how his faith has inspired him to show care for others and the joy he feels from serving the local community.

Today a mechanical engineer visited Year 6 to talk about his work. He explained the skills and qualifications needed to do his job. He also helped the children create wind turbines. They discussed sustainability and renewable energy sources and why they are so important. The children showed their brilliant questioning skills as they asked him about his career.

"Do you travel to other countries, if so where?" "Did you have to go to university to do your job?" "Do you enjoy your job?"

Year 6 used the Unicom maths resource to help consolidate their learning of comparing and simplifying fractions.

Classes 5 and 6 took part in their first recorder lesson today.  The teacher showed different types and sizes of recorders, she played them to show the class how differently these recorders sounded. They were taught how to hold the recorder, in their left hand, supporting it with the right.  They finished the lesson by playing a three note tune. Well done all, you did really well.

Christmas Activities

Christmas Craft Day has become a much loved tradition at St. Catherine's. It is the beginning of Christmas celebrations for most of us. Classes 5 and 6 got together to share their craft day, where they made marshmallow snowmen, decorated cup cakes with melting snowmen, crafted reindeer baubles to adorn their trees and jazzed up pegs with paint and glitter. A brilliant day was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to all the parents who came to help the children make the most of the day.

World War 2 Day

Class 6 came to school dressed as children of World War 2. They looked brilliant and took part in different activities. They learnt to sit under their desks, for safety, when the air raid siren sounded, they designed their own WW2 gardens which included an Anderson Shelter. They also took part in class 'drills' as learnt on their visit to the War Museum.

Some of our finished gardens and shelters.

Davidstowe War Museum

We all enjoyed our day at this interesting war museum at Davidstowe airfield. The tour of the museum, the chance to see Morrison and Anderson shelters as well as the experience of sitting in a shelter during an air raid, greatly enhanced our learning of life during World War 2.

National Poetry Day

Year 6 wrote a class poem, taking their inspiration from a war poem 'A Soldier's Fear'. Working in groups the children thought about the feelings of soldiers at war and wrote a line of poetry, expressing those feelings. The sentences were put together to make an extra verse for the original poem. The children combined the poem with their war art to make a very special class book.

Our Year 6 children have settled well into their new class. They have begun the year with studying aspects of World War 2 as their main topic. This has included reading the fictional diary of Flossie, a child who kept a detailed diary of life during WW2.  We learn about her feelings as her dad goes off to war and as evacuee children from big cities join her school and community.  The class have been looking closely at the grammar and structure of Flossie's writing, using it to establish the differences and similarities between Formal, Informal and Slang language. Year 6 have learnt about gas masks, why they were thought to be needed, how children took part in 'drills' at school to learn how to wear the mask correctly. The children went on to make their own model gas mask. In future lessons, the class will learn how the war began ,which countries were involved and they will learn about major battles which took place. 

Year 6 read their brilliantly written, Rock, Paper, Scissor stories to Year 2.  After enjoying the stories, Year 2 shared their learning on Amelia Earhart.