September 2022

12th September 2022

Class Dojo Guidelines for 22-23

We have now been using Class Dojo really successfully for the last few years.  The start of a new year is a good time to send a few reminders of how to get the most out of using our school communication tool for new parents and continuing parents.


You are welcome to message teachers at any time but please note teachers’ ‘quiet hours’ are between 5pm and 8am therefore they will not see your messages or reply between these times.   Please also note that once the teaching day begins, teachers are unlikely to see your messages or have the opportunity to reply until after school.  Should you message after 5pm, teachers will check and do their best to reply when they get to school the next morning.  Teachers are extremely busy once the children arrive and we cannot guarantee we will be able to reply to your messages until later.  We advise you to phone the school office regarding absences or with any urgent messages.  Please leave a message on the answer phone if you cannot get through. 

For any messages regarding attendance, please message the school secretary.  This applies for absence, holiday form requests, lateness, medical appointments, etc.

For any messages regarding School Money, wrap-around care bookings, school lunches please also only direct to the school secretary.  This will ensure that we are able to reply and give you the correct information you need to resolve any issues.

As class teachers, we love the messaging feature of Class Dojo for discussing routine matters e.g. ‘Joe needs to bring in sun cream tomorrow’, ‘Joe had a good day today’ or ‘Joe has left his book bag in school’ etc.  Please check Class Dojo regularly in order to receive our updates. 

If for any reason you need to discuss something more serious, e.g. friendship issues, incidents on the playground, behaviour etc. please come and see the teacher face to face.  These sorts of issues are far easier to resolve when speaking to you in person.  Teachers will not be able to discuss these issues via the messaging feature of Class Dojo.  You can message to ask for an appointment.

These messages should always be directed to the class teacher in the first instance.  The head of school and Executive Head are generally not available via Dojo or able to respond to all messages so please contact the school office to make an appointment if you need to speak to or meet with Ms Warner or Mrs Hussey.


Your child’s portfolio is an amazing way to share your child’s learning in school.  We endeavour to regularly post photos for you to see what your child has been doing in school.  Often your child will take photos of their learning to share with you too even though it will say it was posted by the class teacher.  Please use this as a chance to discuss what they have been up to in school. 

As a parent, you can share photos and videos of what your child has been doing at home with your child’s class teacher.  This can be anything from homework to a family outing or something achieved in a sporting club, etc.  Teachers absolutely love to receive these and often reward the children Dojo points for sharing!

Class Story/School Story:

Your child’s class teacher and HLTA/TA will regularly share whole class learning and achievements on the Class Story.  On the whole School Story, you may see posts from other teachers regarding whole school events.  We advise you check these daily as important updates are posted here e.g. trip arrangements, sports days, items children need to bring to school etc. 

We welcome likes and comments on any of the posts on the stories.  If you wish to express a concern or are unhappy with any of the posts, please message the teacher directly to arrange a face to face meeting so we can resolve your concern.

We thank you for your help and support in maintaining great communication between home and school.