Closed For Easter

1st March 2020

Today is the last day of the Spring Term. It has been a strange week - school is very quiet without you all! All of us have been blown away with how brilliantly you have applied yourselves to your home learning as families. Seeing the children's portfolio uploads, videos and messages has been lifting us up daily.

Thank you to all the teachers and TAs who have worked tirelessly this week to create engaging home learning for the children, mastering new technolgy for some, and responding to all the portfolio uploads and posts every day.

Thank you to all of you for helping your children achieve great things this week!

At the end of term we normally have a celebration assembly where we nominate our children of the term. We have all agreed that it would be impossible to choose a child this time as they have all been so wonderful - they are all our children of ther term!!

We will now be closed for the next two weeks. The teachers will not be uploading learning daily for the children and will be turning off their Dojo Apps for a much deserved rest. Likewise you and your children deserve a rest and a quiet time together with no pressure! I know some children enjoy this learning and there have been plenty of ideas, resources and activities shared this week for them to use during the break if boredom kicks in. However, teachers and TAs will not be able to respond in this time.

We do not yet know what our after Easter provision will look like yet as this will very much depend on the national situation. During the second week of the holidays I will be working with the rest of the Trust Heads to work out our next steps and will inform you as soon as I know. Please contact me via Dojo if you need support during this break.

We all miss you and wish you a safe and healthy break. Take care, enjoy time together as a family and we hope to see you all very soon - from us all - your school family!