Pay it Forwards

24th January 2022

We are happy to announce we have just set up a 'Pay It Forward' system on School Money.
This will be set up whenever we have payments available for each class, and would allow anyone on School Money to log in to our 'Shop' and make additional purchases of the fees, e.g. for school trips, if they felt they were able to spare the extra cost at the time, in order to help another school family.
This funding would be used anonymously to help those who were struggling to make payment for their child to join in the event, or to help the school cover the costs if someone needs a refund due to being ill/absent and unable to attend.
We would really appreciate the support for our school community if you felt like you are able to donate to this cause at any time. It is not compulsory, but is there as an option if you are able to Pay It Forwards.
The payments currently set up are as follows:
PayItForward Y2/3 Theatre - £14.26
PayItForward Y5 Residential - £35
PayItForward Y6 Residential - £25
Many thanks