School Well-being dog

28th March 2021

As a school we have been considering introducing a school dog for the past two years. We are delighted to introduce Luna, a 2 month old, black-coloured, Springador (Springer Spaniel crossed with Labrador).

Dogs are increasingly being welcomed into schools with great success. Some of you may have seen, in the media that therapy dogs are now being used in some hospitals which impacts greatly on patients’ improving health and emotional well-being.

Please understand that we will do everything we can to reassure children who may be fearful and that under no circumstances will they be forced to meet with Luna. We hope the children will gain a great deal of enjoyment from having their school dog and that she becomes a full member of our team.

The attached information gives you the full details and this link takes you to the permission form. A form will needed for a child to have contact with Luna. We will hope to begin introducing Luna to school in the last week of this term.

Full details are on the school website:

Permission form: