Year 1 is taught by Mrs Brewer and Miss Moore.  The class teaching assistants are Mrs Gillespie and Mrs Worden.  Also working in Year 1 are Miss Strout, Mrs Medland, Mrs Boreham, Miss Sandercock and Mrs White.
Being in Year One is an engaging and challenging year, where we are learning to focus on very important areas in Maths, Reading and Writing for extended periods and becoming more independent in our own learning behaviours as the year goes on.
This Spring Term Year One are enjoying learning games and ball skills in PE and are going to learn Cricket with the 'Chance to Shine' sports programme. We enjoy regular times of active learning in our lovely outdoor area or going for a run on our school track. We worked in the autumn term on spotting Seasonal Changes in Science and are thinking about the different weathers in Geography. 
We enjoy learning a broad curriculum with our RE focus on What it feels like to belong, and our History having focused on Sappho and how we know about past events. We enjoy a creative, challenging year where we are encouraged to invest effort into all our learning and then celebrate our leaps of progress as the year goes on!
We enjoy reading with Year 5 pupils and sharing books together; we love sharing books with our friends and our teacher often reads us new stories and authors. We walk to our local library and love to find new and exciting books to read. We use Talk Through Stories in the classroom to broaden our vocabulary and love to enjoy different drama, speaking, listening and writing work around the texts we study.
Year One are working hard on forming letters correctly, learning letter patterns and sounds in our daily spelling and reading lessons and love working on our writing. We are entering a Charles Causley poetry competition, have written fact sheets and our own stories, careful forming sentences where we keep working to improve our target areas. We write with inspiration from wonderful books like I want my hat back! or Beegu, looking at ways of best forming our sentences.
We are learning and thinking deeply about numbers and their value. We play games, use counters, number lines and abacus called Reknreks to help us deepen our understanding of counting and what each number represents. We have different areas to play in which help us sort, count, order and add together different resources. Money, shopping and pricing in our class Cafe, ordering natural items in our outdoor area or jumping on number mats in a game in a group.