Reception Class is taught by Miss A Rowe and supported by Mrs Pipe and Mrs Olver.

Spring Term 1 learning. 
This term in Foundation we are investigating the seasons by investigating the world around us.  We have been learning about Winter and what we might see, hear, feel and taste during the winter months. We came up with lots of lovely words that made us think of winter:

- frost
- hail
- cold
- dark
We investigated the outside area in the morning and saw all the signs of winter however when we went outside in the afternoon those signs were missing, the frost had gone and it wasn't as cold. We realized that there is more to winter than the weather! 

Winnie the Pooh day 2022 
Foundation class had a wonderful day this half term celebrating Winnie the Pooh day. 
The children dressed up as a familiar character from the story for the day and the costumes were AMAZING! 
Children made their own Pooh Bear clay models and are looking forward to painting them when they are dry. 
As a class we looked at the reason the author wrote the story. The children discovered that A.A Milne was feeling sad after the first world war and noticed the world around his was an unhappy place. He wrote a story to make people happy after seeing his son playing happily with his own cuddly toys. 
nearly 100 years later the stories are still being read and the characters still make people happy to this day.