Foundation Stage 2 (Reception Class)  is taught by Miss A Rowe and supported by Mrs Bullock and Miss Davey.  Other adults that support the children through the week are Mrs Bishop and Miss Strout.

Learning in Foundation stage 2
In Foundation stage 2 class children will cover 3 overreaching themes through the year. These are: 
Autumn Term: Who am I? 
Spring Term: Would you rather? 
Summer Term: Isn't it amazing! 
At St Catherine's we use a mix of objective led and child led planning. This means that there are set objective and outcomes that the children are taught and will achieve each week, half term or term. However, there is a careful consideration of the current interests of the children in the classroom and their interests drive the direction of the enhancements added to provision. 
What will learning look like in Foundation Stage 2? 
During the foundation year children will learn through adult led taught sessions and through child led opportunities through continuous provision. 
Learning is hands on and play based to encourage the children to embed learning in lots of ways. 
We have access to our classroom and attached outside area. In addition we have a woodland area, with pond and polytunnel for regular outdoor learning experiences.