Welcome to Year 4
Year 4 is taught by Mrs Brewer and Mrs  Warner. The teaching assistants are Mrs Grout and Mrs Barker.

As part of our Crime and Punishment topic, we invited 2 of our local Community Police Officers into our class. It was fantastic being able to look inside and out of the police car and to listen to the siren. It was very loud! In the classroom, we were able to answer lots of interesting questions regarding modern day crimes and punishments.
We have also been experiencing what it was like to be in a Victorian prison as a prisoner. Punishments were boring and pointless. Prisoners had to walk on a treadwheel, pick oakham and experience a shot drill, we have tried to re-create these tasks in school.

Science- making towers

Even Red Nose Day could not stop our Science day! The brief for the whole school was to investigate how we could make the tallest towers using .... then each class chose the materials they would use.

In Year 4 we used Lego, newspaper and Jenga bricks. In pairs, we had to decide the qualities our tower would need, how we would make it, what we would keep the same, what we would change and of course, how to make it a fair test.

We have been thinking about our Mental Health, what we do when we are worried, sad or angry. We have learnt to be resilient and tell ourselves we can, to try to act brave and to write calming thoughts down.
Kate came into school to also help us understand ways of focusing our minds. We had great fun outside relaxing and letting our minds rest by thinking about a blue pebble. We had to think about its shape and texture and let everything else leave our minds. Afterwards we felt completely relaxed. 

We have been very lucky this term, Tyler, from Cornwall Badminton has been in school teaching us some of the different techniques  for playing badminton.

Our Maths/Science challenge activity this week was to become Airplane Engineers. We had 3 designs of planes to make, fly and decide which design was the best.

Becoming scientists, we had to create a fair test, observe and record our findings accurately and make a scientific comparison.

We are learning how to play the xylophone  and glockenspiel in music this term with Mrs Bridle. 

We are looking at Multiplication and Division this term during Maths. Using Place Value Tokens and Base 10, we have been finding ways of making 'lots of' to help us. Also we have been discovering that, when multiplying numbers, they can be in any order and the answer will always be the same.
In class this week we have been combining Maths and Science to find out how far seeds fall from a tree. We made paper helicopters to represent the seeds and used a meter stick to represent the tree. To make our experiment a fair test we made sure we dropped our helicopters from the top of the meter stick, then measured the distance they fell from the tree. Later we worked out the 'mean' and the 'median' using the data we had collected.


This term, during science, we have been looking at how to use electricity and electrical items safely. Also, we have had great fun finding out what is needed to make an electrical circuit safely.

This term, during RE, we have been exploring the 'Creation' story. Individually we looked at nature and took photos of what represented awe and wonder to our selves.

Our new Year 4's have dealt with the transition from Year 3 with lots of enthusiasm.