Welcome to Year 4
Year 4 is taught by Mrs Brewer (left) and Mrs  Warner (right). The teaching assistant is Mrs Grout (in the centre).

We are looking at 'Changes' as a theme running through all of our learning this term. In the morning this Autumn term Mrs Brewer is teaching Maths and English. We are changing Fairy Stories to create our own subverted versions! Read about Rapunzel's hair shrinking shorter each time she tells a lie: or how Red Riding Hood helped Cinderella get to the ball! In Maths we are enjoying making savoury meals to take home to our families and putting into practice all of our understanding about Place Value and Measurement. 

Mrs Warner is teaching each afternoon looking at changes in throughout history from Anglo Saxons to Vikings. We are also studying the way farms have changed throughout history, and in Science are thinking about changes in state. We are also enjoying working at PE, RE, Art, French and Music. 

We are using our Learning Powers to help us get the most out of all we are learning: by choosing to put in as much effort as possible we are constantly learning new things. We are more and more resilient in our lessons, helping each other at times to keep on persevering: we have a "learning pit" on our wall to remind us of the value of keeping on trying even when it feels too difficult. When we are resilient and resourceful in lessons we often end up being really delighted with what we've achieved!

We are thinking about Wisdom this term in Collective Worship, reflecting on the importance of making good decisions in our lives. We are enjoying hearing stories which tell us about the importance of treating others with compassion and kindness, and our class rules were written by us all as a collective group to remind us all of the learning community that we are. Our school's Golden Rule is in every room, and it makes clear that we should love one another as we would like to be treated ourselves.

We use Spelling Shed and Times Table Rock Stars as online games at home to help us keep on top of our multiplication facts and spellings. We have a chart on the wall that maps how well we're doing! 
There are great opportunities online for us to challenge each other to a Rock Stars game, and we are getting faster and faster at recalling our number facts!
We are enjoying reading. We have a cosy space in our classroom with beanbags, fairy lights and lots of lovely books of all different genres. We are developing wider vocabularies and great imaginations by reading lots at school and home: we all are encouraged to read as much as possible and the range of books we have is really great! We also have nature magazines, lots of different types of authors, and lots of styles of books- funny ones, factual ones, life stories or mystery novels. For Roald Dahl Day last week we enjoyed Fantastic Mr Fox, and before that we were acting out Fairy Tales in the outdoor area by our classroom. We have steps shaped like an amphitheatre right outside our door (sometimes we have our lunches there) with each of our groups critiquing each other's performances of The Emperor's New Clothes or Red Riding Hood. 

This term, during RE, we have been exploring the 'Creation' story. Individually we looked at nature and took photos of what represented awe and wonder to ourselves.We follow the 'Understanding Christianity' curriculum which is really well planned out, and also learn about other faiths. Our new Year 4's have dealt with the transition from Year 3 with lots of enthusiasm. We love learning and are excellent at working together with real tenacity! 

In the Spring of 2018 Mrs Brewer started Chicken Club. We hatched 6 chicks in an incubator and we have looked after them ever since! Chicken Club members care for the hens, take the eggs home and recently entered the hens into Launceston Agricultural Show! Barbra who has a wonky beak won a first prize certificate!