Useful Information

We hope you find our website interesting and easy to navigate.Each class has their own page and you can see what they've been up to! It's worth a look. The Archive Section shows previous activities. The pull down menus hold lots of information. The current school development plan is under curriculum and policies so you can see what we are working on to improve further. In that document there is information about our latest test results for KS1 and KS2.

Our curriculum schemes for reading, written calculations in maths, personal social and health education, RE, PE and all the other curriculum subjects are under Curriculum and Policies to give you an idea of themes your children will explore.

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Our Church School

See our CHURCH SCHOOL section for information about how we underpin our approach to children's learning. We have also published a statement PROMOTING BRITISH VALUES. It can also be found under INFORMATION - PARENT GUIDES. The ethos of St. Catherine’s school is firmly rooted in Christian belief and practice. The vision and values are explicit and shared by all. It is a Christian environment where children are cared for, feel safe, are happy and are valued as children of God. Children want to be at the school and are eager to learn. They make good progress. Their spiritual development is supported through good quality worship and religious education. Have a look at our ethos section on the website.

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