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Arts Mark Award


We have achieved our Arts Mark Gold Award!! We were examined in many aspects of the arts—music, art, dance and drama— and passed every level. Many thanks to Mrs Currah who has guided us through this award. We were visited by a validator who commented positively on all areas:

’ it was evident that the school was committed to raising the quality and quantity of arts through its plan to embed this area within the schemes of work across the school…..’

‘pupils are encouraged to develop their potential…..’

‘the role of the teachers’ and artists in identifying and nurturing talent’

‘pupils felt that their arts achievements were recognised in a variety of ways and were proud of their roles in regular school performances…’

Well done everyone, it is wonderful to see pupils’ creativity recognised and celebrated.

Studying the work of Paul Escher to influence and creatively show their understanding of life cycles. Making links with ICT to form Taxedo Images also explain their understanding.

Beautiful Egyptian jewellery made by the children in Year 6.

Bayeux Tapestry

Developing their understanding of the story behind the Bayeux Tapestry through art.

Viking Dance

Year 4 used their understanding of what they had learnt during their Dark Ages topic to depict Viking warriors through dance.


Learning key battle events within the poem of Beowulf through drama.

Our Dragon

Making the main dragon: In the spring term children in Year 4 worked together to build a dragon (linked to their myths and legends topic) using different art forms which included: painting, papier machè and working with textiles.

For one day they celebrated the arts through designing and creating their own individual dragons.....

and exploring rhythm and beat to make music to accompany their dragon dance. 

After School Club

Each term the 'after school art club' is well attended and children have the opportunity to extend their understanding and knowledge of art. Working in the style of Henry Matisse.

Year 6 receive their Arts Mark certificates

Children in year 5 and 6 learn to play the keyboards.  This gives them the opportunity to develop their talent and interest, through proffessional teaching to a  high standard.   High standards of achievement are rewarded with  recognsied national awards.

The whole school took part in the designing and development of part of the school grounds.  A professional artist worked with the children to produce clay tiles and doves to transform the area into a colourful mix of colour and textures.

Children throughout the school  have the opportunity to develop their interest and talent in dance through the tuition of a professional dance teacher.


Arts Mark

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Executive Headteacher:
Mrs Louise Hussey
Moorland Road,
Launceston, Cornwall,
PL15 7HX, England.
01566 772198

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