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Year Three


Year 3 staff from left to right: Mrs Phillpotts, Mrs Fowler, class teacher Mrs Warner and Mrs Regan.


This half term we are finding out about the early Britons and settlers, including those who lived in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.
We will learn what life may have been like for early people and how things slowly changed over thousands of years. As part of this we will consider what historical evidence we can use and how our lives today compare with those of our ancestors.


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Science and Nature

Year 3 visited Carnglaze Caverns to support their science work on rocks and soils. The caverns are a great place to experiment with different rock formation, learn about a variety of habitats and also to experience working life below ground.


 Trust Event: In The Woods

Year 3 joined their partner classes for an enjoyable morning in the Windmill School outdoor area. They toasted marshmallows, made shelters and were very creative with the items from the nature all around them.


Spring Parental Engagement

Year 3's Parental Engagement was a joyful celebration of Rock and Roll dance. The children demonstrated the dances they had created with Mrs Mann and then had the chance to teach their parents to be as good at dancing as them.


This morning Year 3 led the whole school collective worship. The assembly was a quiz to help everyone understand the meaning of the Lord's Prayer a little better. Groups of children asked a question  'What does daily bread mean?' With the answer choices: 1. Go to the shop and buy bread called 'Daily'  2. The food that we eat to stay alive. 3. We must eat bread every day. The rest of the school chose which they thought was the correct answer. The worship finished with everybody saying the special Year 3 version of the Lord's Prayer.


Dance with Mrs Mann

Mrs Mann is, once again, using her magic to teach us to jive this term as part of our PE. Twist and Mash Potato are just two of the moves we are learning.

Jo Downs Glass

Year 3 visited Jo Downs Glass as part of their topic of Artists in their local community, to show the importance it plays and the contribution artists make in our environment. The children enjoyed looking around the workshop learning how objects were made. They even had a turn at cutting glass into different shapes.

Christmas Party 2016

Year 3 and 4 came together to have a fun filled Christmas party. After dancing and playing games they had a feast. Thank you to all parents for providing all of the party food, it was fantastic.

Truro Museum 2016

During our time at Truro Museum we were split into 2 groups. Both groups researched patterns on different pots around the museum, discussing how the patterns were made around the edges. Lorna took the first group to the top of the museum where there were lots of artifacts that the children were able to touch and explore.

The second group made coil pots and decorated them with their own design using ideas from their research. Later the groups swapped.

During their free time they were able to explore the rest of the museum and complete an alphabet challenge.


Pandemonium Theatre

The theatre group entertained and educated the Junior children with their Tales of England. The three tales were of Cornish mermaids, Welsh dragons and London Bridge. There was audience participation with children being chosen to be farmers, fishermen and even London Bridge, everyone enjoyed singing along when encouraged to.


Trust Event

Our partner schools came to St Catherine's for the first trust event of the year. Using our mapping skills, we used co-ordinates to find items hidden around the school grounds. Then, using the pieces, we completed a treasure map like a jigsaw puzzle. At each station we found a worksheet which had nouns and verbs to complete the sentence. 


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