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Year Six


Year 5 and 6 become Playground Leaders

After practicing our games we were able to try them out on each other. This helped us to put all the skills we had learnt re-guarding 'What makes a great Playground Leader', to the test. 

Year 5 and 6 have been working together on Friday afternoons to develop their skills as effective Playground Leaders.

Prefects 2017-2018


Year 6 are wearing their Prefect badges with pride.

Science and Light 

How does light travel? This is the question we have been asking ourselves. To help us investigate we have studied the sun, made puppets and used wool to represent the the light from a light source.


Diary Writing

During English this term, we have been studying 'My Secret War Diary'. This has helped us understand what it was like in the 2nd World War for a child through her diary writing. We have then produced our own diary extract in the same style as Flossie.


This term we have been focusing on fractions, percentages and decimals. To help with decimals, we have used place value charts to help with recognizing the value of each digit.

D.T.- Making boats

After investigating why boats float and designing our own, we had great fun making our designs.


Children In Need

The children had a spottytastic time in class today. All lessons carried on but with a spotty undertone!

Parental Engagement - Maths

It was great to see so many of our parents attend our maths morning. We hope you all enjoyed working out fractions of shapes.

Linking closely to last years theme of community, our theme for collective worship this year is hospitality. We enjoyed having our parents sitting down and join us for lunch.

This week we had great fun meeting our partner schools at Launceston College and joining in a Multi-skills afternoon. We enjoyed learning how to play volleyball, hockey and the fine art of orienteering.  

During this Autumn term, we are lucky to have Plymouth Argyle coaches in school to put us through our paces and teach us how to play Tag Rugby.  

Working in pairs, Year 6 have been exploring positive and negative numbers. They have been applying their understanding that when solving problems 0 needs to be included in the calculation.


During Maths, we have been looking at the value of each digit in a given number and being able to partition them. Once we mastered this we were able to compare and order numbers up to 10 million pictorially. Using ICT, we have explored more than and less than as a recap on the symbols < >. 

The new Year 6's have shown great resilience during their first week back at school. They have all taken responsibility and thrown themselves, positively, into their learning. This half term, during English, they are concentrating on writing a non chronological report. To help them begin, they have been looking around the class room at different pictures, to help generate collective nouns that relate to the characteristics of the creature.



Curriculum Theme Map Y6

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Year 6 Leaflets

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Head of School:
Mrs Louise Hussey
Moorland Road,
Launceston, Cornwall,
PL15 7HX, England.
01566 772198

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Diary Dates

25 Jun 2018 - Governors' Meeting
26 Jun 2018 - Macbeth Perfromance at Dingles Fairground
26 Jun 2018 - CBeebies Show
26 Jun 2018 - Yr 6 Opera Project Rehearsal and Performance at Launceston College
27 Jun 2018 - Grandparents' Lunch Yr5/6
04 Jul 2018 - Grandparents' Lunch Yrs 2/3/4
04 Jul 2018 - Sports Day

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