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Year One



Miss Lawson, Mrs Benning, class teacher Miss Rowe and Mrs Pike. 

In Year 1 we are currently learning all about space. The children are undertaking investigations about how to build their own space rockets whilst learning about significant individuals such as Neil Armstrong and Major Tim Peake.

The children have been focussing on a story written by Oliver Jeffers "How to catch a star". The story is about a boy who loves the stars and wishes to catch one for himself. Through discussions about space and what the children already know about our solar system the class will innovate a new version of the story and have all have a go at writing "How to catch an alien". We look forward to sharing our new stories with you all.

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Forest Schools

We had great fun at North Petherwin this morning with our partner schools. We were asked to group manmade and natural items found on beaches. It surprised us how many manmade things wash up or are left on our shores. During another activity we tried to move water on our heads, as many people in third world countries still do, from one place to another. We managed to stay dry! As well as playing games, we also learnt how to say 'hello' in many other languages.

Helping with Playground Leaders

Some of Year 5 have been putting all of their leadership skills to the test. During a P.E. lesson, they put the Year 1's through their paces. The year 1's enjoyed warming up carefully and then playing the games Year 5 had developed for them.

Skipping with Year 5

Year 5 became the teachers of a skipping lesson this morning. Year 1s paired up with the Year 5s who helped teach us the skills needed to skip. It was great fun.

Authors for a morning. 

Taking full advantage of the glorious weather, Year 5 invited Year 1 to listen to them read their fables outside. Year 5's read to different children and asked them lots of questions about their individual fables. Year 1 were fantastic listeners and were able to answer all that was asked. 

Class Assembly

Year One delivered the story of  'The Good Samaritan' during Collective Worship this morning. We questioned the school to see when they had been Good Samaritans.

Giants in school!

In English, Year 1 are writing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children were surprised when they found giant footprints in the classroom. They then went outside on a hunt for the giant and had great fun looking for him.



Year 1 went to the college where they enjoyed a fun morning taking part in different activities. They took part in a dance class, Gymnastics and finished off the morning with Parachute games.

Toasting Marshmallows

Year 1 toasted marshmallows over an open fire during Forest Schools. They also made leaf prints in clay and planted seeds in tin cans, which they decorated with beads.


Christmas Party

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all came together on the last day of term and had a fabulous time during their Christmas party.

Thank you all our parent helpers and parents who supplied a wonderful selection of food.

Anti Bullying 2016

This week KS1 are learning about the topic,Anti-Bullying. They took part in 3 different activities. One activity was 'Chains', the children were put into pairs and tied together.This meant they would have to use communication and team work while they played to not break the chain. Another activity was 'What Are You Good At?' for this the children drew pictures of what they thought they were good at. The last activity showed how unkind words and actions do not always show on the outside but may hurt on the inside. For this an apple was used. The children dropped an apple, cut it open and saw the bruising on the inside.


Autumn Trust Event

120 children gathered at St Catherine's school to take part in a range of learning activities. The children worked together in small groups to complete a maths and SPAG treasure hunt outside. As the event fell on Armistice Day the children showed great respect by taking part in the 2 minute silence and the designing and making their own poppy badges. We saw a lot of creative designers across the academy.


 Pandemonium Theatre 2016

The theatre group entertained and educated the infant children with their tales of England. The three stories were of Cornish mermaids, Welsh dragons and London Bridge. There was audience participation with children being chosen to act as farmers, fishermen, and even London Bridge as it fell. Everyone enjoyed singing along when encouraged to.


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