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Year Four


Mrs Penn, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Barker and class teacher Mrs Currah. 

This term the topic in year 4 is all about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons. They have begun to explore this period of history through their work in dance. This will be a six week project, in which they tell the story of the Viking invasion through creative and powerful dance movement. Children will also explore the stories and legend surrounding the Saxon King Alfred. We will also make studies, explore and begin to understand the stories that unfold within the Bayeux Tapestry.

Our Science and DT work continues from the previous term. We are going to be investigating a range of food chains and gaining understanding of the meaning of producer, predator and prey. We continue to design and will be making our healthy sandwiches, which we will be inviting you to help us evaluate!

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 Follow the Yellow Brick Road..

M & M Theatre group visited the school today, bringing their latest production, Wizard of Oz.  Year 4 joined the upper juniors to watch this show. A cast of 4 kept everyone entertained with their hilarious antics as the Tinman tried to find a heart, Lion looked for courage, Scarecrow wanted a brain and Dorothy just wanted to return home to Kansas. 

Multi Skills event

Year 4 enjoyed a great experience at college, joining other schools in a Multi Skills event. They played cricket, rounders and were able to try playing golf. The event was organized by pupils from Years 7,8 and 9 from Launceston college. It was a great morning and all 180 pupils had a fantastic time.

Spring Parental Engagement

  It was lovely being able to show and involve our parents in all the things we have been learning this term. We made dens, fire and whittled our forks to be able to toast our marshmallows. 



Forest Schools 2017

Our objective today was to use our mathematical skills to make a fire. Tricky in damp weather conditions! In groups, we made a square based pyramid with foraged twigs, while exploring the other shapes and angles we could use. When we tried to light our fires, we held the lighting stick at an acute angle and had to keep them alight for five minutes. Our reward for our success was to toast marshmallows and eat them. Yummy!



Spring Trust Event

This term we visited Windmill Academy, one of our partner schools, for our Spring trust event. It was lovely to meet our friends from the other schools once again.

During the morning, we had great fun testing our mathematical brains using all the skills we have learnt in school. 



Keeping Safe

Christmas Party 2016

Year 4 and 3 came together to have a fun filled Christmas party. After dancing and playing games they had a feast. Thank you to all parents for providing all of the party food, it was fantastic.


 Sandwich making with our parents

Year 4 invited their parents into class to take part in a D.T. sandwich making activity. The children had planned and designed the sandwiches using their favourite ingredients. This was a great way for parents to see work and learning taking place for their child as well as an enjoyable way to spend time together.


Trust Event

Year 4 were pleased to welcome their friends from their partner schools.

For our Trust event we took part in art activities which will be used as part of our SPAG (Spelling and Grammar) work. We collected leaves, made rubbings of them before mounting and framing the leaves. The finished works of art looked brilliant.

Although the weather could have been kinder, the children had a great, busy morning and enjoyed spending more time with their Year 4 peers. They were all a credit to their individual schools.


Pandemonium Theatre

The theatre group entertained and educated the Junior children with their Tales of England. The three stories were of Cornish mermaids, Welsh dragons and London Bridge. There was audience participation with children being chosen to act as farmers, fishermen and even the London Bridge, everyone enjoyed singing along when encouraged to.


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