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Year Four

Welcome To Class Four

Parental Engagement Maths Day

Today the children became the teachers when they invited their parents into class to join them for maths activities. The class showed their families the different types of maths they do every day. These included fluency, place value, column addition and subtraction along with problem solving. The parents were set different challenges and activities with the children teaching the strategies needed to solve them. Year 4 enjoyed sharing their knowledge with the adults, there was a lot of fun and laughter in the room while great learning was taking place, by both the children and adults.

Outdoor Learning

Year 4 have taken advantage of some good weather to carry out English and Maths out of the classroom. English was continuing with their poetry work by looking at the nature around them and collecting words and phrases of anything that made them feel that nature is wonderful. This will be used in poetry writing during the week.

Maths was using the trundle wheel to measure the perimeter of different areas of the playground. In pairs they first estimated then measured sections of the football pitch or netball court, others measured the whole pitch. They then worked out the perimeters of each area.  It was really good for the children to be able to use their maths for real life activities.

Later in the day Year 4 had their weekly PE lesson with sports coach, Liam.  The children are enjoying learning the rules and skills needed to play basketball.





Year Four have been enjoying settling into their new classroom.  They have positively enjoyed the new challenges in their learning, including mastering keyboards, taught by Mrs Mann. 

Where does my food go? is the Science topic this half term. The children have been learning the names and functions of the human digestive system, this included constructing the system in the classroom.



Year 4 Leaflets

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Head of School:
Mrs Louise Hussey
Moorland Road,
Launceston, Cornwall,
PL15 7HX, England.
01566 772198

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Diary Dates

08 Feb 2018 - Chicken Club
08 Feb 2018 - Dance
09 Feb 2018 - Last Day of Spring First Half Term
09 Feb 2018 - Choir
09 Feb 2018 - Badminton Club
12 Feb 2018 - Half Term - no clubs
19 Feb 2018 - Back to School Spring Second Half

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