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Year 5 staff from left to right: Mrs Grout, class teachers Mrs Laithwaite and Mrs Williams, Mrs Mills and Mrs Pipe.

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Outdoor Education Week 2017

Monday- Skiing and Zero Gravity

A great first day was had by all. It was a little damp in the morning but that did not stop Year 5 attacking the slopes. We were able to test our nerves on the Toboggan and Viper run.

After lunch we were put through our paces at Zero Gravity. It was lovely to be able to  try out our gymnastic skills that we had learnt during PE at school.

Tuesday- Cycling The Granite Way


14 miles did not phase Year 5 today! On went the cycle helmets and away we went. We cycled from Meldon to Lydford Castle taking in the breath taking scenery.

Wednesday- Surfing at Polzeath

The sun shone, the sky was blue and the waves were great. The children had a fantastic time at Polzeath today. They threw themselves into learning how to surf and had an amazing time. Most of them were able to stand on a surf board by the end of their lesson. An amazing day for an amazing class!

Thursday- Swimming at the Leisure Centre and Skating at the skate park

Where do Year 5 get their energy from?

They had a great time at the Leisure Centre this morning and after lunch in the sun, went to the skate park. Showing their skills on scooters and skateboards, they rode all afternoon.

Friday- Trust Event at North Petherwin and Park


After having great fun at North Petherwin learning how to work together, we went to Coronation Park to enjoy our final day of our Outdoor Education week.


Playground Leaders

Some of Year 5 have been putting all of their leadership skills, learnt during Playground Leaders, to the test. During a P.E. lesson, they put the Year 1's through their paces. The year 1's enjoyed warming up carefully and then playing the games Year 5 had developed for them.

Converting units of measurement 

During Maths, we have been discovering how to convert different units of measurement. To help us with converting kilograms to grams or visa versa, we have been weighing different items around the classroom. Once we had the weight in grams we were able to convert the measurement into kilograms.


Shadows and what they can tell us!

Science this term has been discovering how many planets are in our Solar System, what makes them special and how the sun appears to move in the sky. Taking full advantage of the weather, we were able to investigate the way the Earth moves by drawing around our own shadows.



Follow the Yellow Brick Road..

M & M Theatre group visited the school today, bringing their latest production, Wizard of Oz.  A cast of 4 kept everyone entertained with their hilarious antics as the Tinman tried to find a heart, Lion looked for courage, Scarecrow wanted a brain and Dorothy just wanted to return home to Kansas.


Skipping with Year 1

Year 5 became the teachers of a skipping lesson this morning. We paired up with the Year 1s to help teach them the skills needed to skip. It was great fun.


Authors for a morning. 

Taking full advantage of the glorious weather, Year 5 invited Year 1 to listen to them read their fables outside. Year 5's read to different children and asked them lots of questions about their individual fables. Year 1 were fantastic listeners and were able to answer all that was asked.


Spring Parental Engagement Afternoon

Today, we great fun when our parents came into school to help us make our moving toys. We cut, used a saw, made holes and drew animals to create a moving cam. It was lovely to have so many parents and grandparents in to help us, we couldn't have done it without them.


Rocket Cars

After a lot of cutting and carving our cars were finally ready to race in the Dendrite Bloodhound Rocket car competition at Trekenner school. It was very exciting to se them 'fly' down the race track.

We are researching and designing our own rockets to enter the Dendrite Blood Hound Rocket Race. In groups, we have been looking at aerodynamics and what makes rockets, cars move quicker.  We are looking forward to driving and racing against each other and other teams from other schools. 

Spring into Fitness!

This term, Year 5, are going to have great fun improving their fitness to help improve their learning. They will be 'Skipping To Be Fit', training to a 'Bleep Test' and ultimately running a mile. During the 'Bleep Test', Mrs Pipe joined in to help keep the pace.

Bikeability 2017

Well done to all the children who completed their level 1 and 2 for the 'On-Road Cycle Training Course'.


 Mrs Mann is teaching us dance this term. We will be re-creating The Great Fire of London through dance.

Bikeability 2017

This year's Bikeability has started. The children will be learning how to ride their bikes safely on the open road under the fantastic supervision of Jenny.

Christmas Party 2016

Year 5 joined Year 6 to have an exciting, fun afternoon for their Christmas party. After having a feast, thank you to all parents for your generosity, they showed off their moves and grooves by dancing the rest of the afternoon away.

Science- Friction

Our mission was to find out how much force was needed to move a shoe across different surfaces. During our controlled experiment we found that with more friction between the shoe and  some surfaces, more force was needed to make the shoe move. 

Math, Parents, skipping and Orienteering! 

The children invited their parents to join them in school to take part in orienteering this week. Each family were asked to follow a map and add up the numbers on a cone found at each point. Once they had a total they had to check if it was correct. If it was wrong they had to skip 20 times! Having a wonderful time, everyone joined in with great enthusiasm.


Ernest Shackleton

During our Ernest Shackleton work we have been re-enacting how the crew would have felt to inspire us in our writing.


Pandemonium Theatre

The theatre group entertained and educated the Junior children with their tales of England. The three stories were of Cornish mermaids, Welsh dragons and London Bridge. There was audience participation with children being chosen to act as farmers, fishermen, and even London Bridge as it fell. Everyone enjoyed singing along when encouraged to.



Autumn Trust Event 2016

Our first trust event of the year was held at St Catherine's with a literacy theme. Two of our partner schools, St Stephens Academy and Windmill Academy, joined us to build spaghetti towers, tell a story after making shadow puppets, take part in a 'beep' test and write a poem with our wooded area for inspiration.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, making new friends while learning in a very fun and exciting way.


Exercising to music!

Year 5 have created and perfected their own 'Jump Start Jonny' routine. They have done so well they put Year 3 through their paces, showing them the types of moves to be able to create their own exercise routine.


Ancient Greek Pots

As part or our Ancient Greece topic this term and to help us understand how difficult it was for the Ancient Greeks to make their own utensils, we have designed, made and decorated our own clay, coil pots.


Science,Technology, Engineering, and Maths to..... Save Our Shark!

Year 5 and 6 joined forces at the National Marine Aquarium, in Plymouth, for Operation Shark. They imagined a new Hammerhead Shark had been brought to the Aquarium and they needed to use their STEM skills to get it into its tank as soon as possible, so it could recover and get back home to the ocean.


Roald Dahl's 100th Birthday

Roald Dahl's 100th birthday was commemorated in style. Lessons carried on as normal but in a very colourful way. Even Year 5's first keyboard lesson carried on in a very splendishous way! At the end of the day the whole school came together to celebrate and listen to a story.


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