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Welcome to the Reception Class of 2017 page

We are very excited to welcome the new children to our wonderful school! Following a fantastic transition week in July, we are confident that the children will settle into their new class and school life easily.

This year, our fantastic class team includes:

Class teachers: Miss M Swan (Monday - Wednesday) & Mrs J Pollard (Thursday - Friday)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs N Davey

Teaching Assistants: Mrs N Every & Mrs T Sanders

 Class Photo


For the first half term, our topic is 'Around The Town!'. In our literacy activities we will be looking at the book 'The High Street' By Alice Mervin. It is a beautiful book, filled with wonderful illustrations of shops (inside and out). Inside our classroom we have a Pet Shop, in which children can role play being a customer or a shop owner. Later in the half term we are venturing to our local supermarket, Tesco, to buy things on our class shopping list and to make some yummy treats!  Watch this space for photographs of the class's learning throughout this exiting topic... 




                       A few from our exiting Maths Morning; we were very exited to share our fantastic learning with people who are special to us!

                                                     Thank you to all our Parents &  Grandparents who were able to attend our maths morning!

                                                          Hello Spring

 The Spring Term has begun and it is going to an exiting one! For the first half term we are going to be looking at 'Traditional Tales' such as The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. We have our 'Pig & Co' building site role play area in the classroom, complete with costumes, bricks and tools. We will also be getting our Mathematician hats on (ask your child what colour and style theirs are) as we are looking at telling the time (What's the time Mr Wolf?), Addition & subtraction as well as 3D shapes! That's a lot of learning but the Reception Class love a challenge! Please have a look at the pictures below, the topic web, the 'what we are doing this week' sign on the class door or talk to a member of our lovely staff to find out more! 

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After a few snow flurries in the last week of Spring Term 1 and the Reception Class being captivated by the snow, we have decided to make our new Spring Term 2 topic 'The Arctic!'. We are exited to see what wonders this topic will provide.. from 'cool' science experiments, waddling like penguins, to wondering what It would be like to be stuck in a snow globe! You can have a peek at a few of the things we will be doing by looking at our topic web (at the bottom of the page), keeping an eye on our 'What we are doing this week' sign on the classroom door or hopefully the class will be bursting to tell you what they have been doing! Towards the end of the half term, we will be turning our attention to preparing for Easter! This is always an exiting and celebratory time at our school! We will be holding an Easter Bonnet parade, singing songs, going on an egg hunt and baking lots with Mrs Davey (which always has a yummy end result!). Please keep a look out for any letters home regarding the Easter Bonnet parade nearer the time! 

 arctic experiment   arctic experiment 2   arctic experiment 3

Above: We have been conducting science experiments! We have been researching how the animals in the Arctic stay warm. We found that whales and penguins have a special layer of fat under their skin called 'blubber'. We rubbed lard on a sandwich bag and put another one on top (to act like the skin), put our hand in the bag and then plunged it in to ice cold water! We also put one 'normal' finger in the water to see just how cold it was without the blubber! 

doubling lady birds  Halving if we cut it in half again its going to be super small   Halving objects  

subtraction     we did the doubling challenge   numbers 1

In our class, we start every lesson with putting our 'Mathematician Hats' on; we are all mathematicians and we are all amazing for giving it a go! We have been tackling some really tricky concepts such as subtraction, doubling and halving! We enjoyed halving the most as we got to cut up our snack for break time, and through this we have begun to understand the concept that it takes to halves to make a whole! SO many of the pupils even took on Miss Swan's super doubling & halving maths challenges! She was blown away by how many children wanted to give it a go!! And if that wasn't enough...SO many of the children were successful in their calculation! Go Reception Mathematicians go!! 

Up next in Reception..

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Diary Dates

25 Jun 2018 - Governors' Meeting
26 Jun 2018 - Macbeth Perfromance at Dingles Fairground
26 Jun 2018 - CBeebies Show
26 Jun 2018 - Yr 6 Opera Project Rehearsal and Performance at Launceston College
27 Jun 2018 - Grandparents' Lunch Yr5/6
04 Jul 2018 - Grandparents' Lunch Yrs 2/3/4
04 Jul 2018 - Sports Day

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