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Reception staff from left to right: class teacher Miss Swan, Miss Lawson, Mrs Dean, Mrs Every and Mrs Shaw. 

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Pancake Day 2017

We have had great fun cooking today. In small groups, we whisked, stirred, measured and cracked eggs to make our own pancakes. They tasted delicious!


For PE this term we have been focusing on our throwing and catching skills. 

Christmas Party

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all came together on the last day of term and had a fabulous time during their Christmas party.

Thank you all our parent helpers and parents who supplied a wonderful selection of food.

Anti bullying 2016

This week KS1 are learning about the topic,Anti-Bullying. They took part in 3 different activities. One activity was 'Chains', the children were put into pairs and tied together.This meant they would have to use communication and team work while they played to not break the chain. Another activity was 'What Are You Good At?' for this the children drew pictures of what they thought they were good at. The last activity showed how unkind words and actions do not always show on the outside but may hurt on the inside. For this an apple was used. The children dropped an apple, cut it open and saw the bruising on the inside.


Pandemonium Theatre 2016

The theatre group entertained and educated the infant children with their tales of England. The three stories were of Cornish mermaids, Welsh dragons and London Bridge. There was audience participation with children being chosen to act as farmers, fishermen, and even London Bridge as it fell. Everyone enjoyed singing along when encouraged to.


Thinking about Harvest

Reception have had a great first half term exploring fruits and vegetables, looking at them in great detail. We have used our senses and fine motor skills to inspect the seeds.

Using cursive letter formation we are learning to write our names.

During water play, we have been using cars to test their speed, looking at the size and textures of their wheels. Does the water help the cars to go faster?


The Big Carrot

The Reception children taught Class 6 the story of The Big Carrot. This is the story Reception have been working on during their English lessons.  Year 6 enjoyed learning the story through actions.


Playground Buddies

Today, Reception Class met their Year 6 Buddies, they showed their new Buddies around their classroom. On the playground the Year 6 Buddies will be an extra friend who can help their Buddy settle into 'big school.'


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