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World Book Day 2016


A fantastic day, everyone made a terrific effort. Brilliant.


We started the day together, see if you can recognise the book character.

After morning break, the children went to different areas of the school to listen to their choice of story. The stories were chosen and read by different members of staff. 

The winners of each key-stage for dressing up, were taken to a local shop to choose a book of their choice.

Children in Need


This years Children in Need was a huge success. The children, and some adults, changed in to their own personal hero for the day. On the day before, Years 2 and 6 made biscuits to sell the following day. They were delicious!


Sensory Garden Tile Project



At last the weather has been kind to us (well...fairly kind!) and we have been able to complete the Tile Project for our Sensory Garden.

We made lots of tiles using the world around us and the Bible as themes.

We were very pleased with the tiles and now we can see what they look like in position.

Many thanks to Paul Jackson for working with the children and creating the tiles. Also thanks to Rick for putting them into place.


Pandemonium Theatre


Pantomime Time

The whole school, from Reception to Year 6 , were lucky enough to watch Peter Pan performed by a theatre group from Scotland.  The children  joined in with 'its behind you' and sang action songs along with the characters. 

Life during the times of the Romans and Celts was the theme of this years Pandemonium Theatre Group. Two children were chosen to be Roman slaves. 


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