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Christmas 2016

Christmas Activities

The whole school took part in the traditional St. Catherine's Christmas Activity Day. The day is always enjoyable as the children have fun making Christmas crafts to take home. They make a range of crafts from Christmas wish jars to egg box sleighs. 


Christmas Lunch 2016

Once again, Mrs Dickinson and her staff out shone themselves to provide the whole school with a fantastic Christmas lunch.

Home For Christmas

This year's Christmas service tackled the theme of homelessness. Year 5 performed a play about Kate a homeless lady, living in a cardboard box, who was befriended by two kind children, Nicky and Paul.  The children persuaded their mum to who take Kate into their family for Christmas. The cast, supported by the choir, performed a range of solo, duet and whole cast songs, all singing beautifully. 

The play led into the traditional Christmas story when 'Mum' told Nicky and Paul The story of Jesus' birth.  Year 6 narrated, with Bible readings, as the KS1 children performed the parts of the nativity.

Christmas Tree Festival

Every year St. Catherine's display a tree in St. Mary's Church as part of the church Christmas tree festival.

This year the tree was beautifully decorated with paper lanterns made by Class 4. 


Cornwall Music Trust

Mr Alex Rogozinski, from the Cornwall Music Trust, visited school to encourage the children to try and learn to play a musical instrument. He amazed us with the different sounds and music he could create with a guitar.


Children In Need 

The annual Children in Need event was celebrated, this year, with everyone wearing their pyjamas to school. 

Lessons carried on as usual, even spelling work.

Year 6 children sold decorated biscuits to each class, altogether we raised the Grand Total of £307.11.  

Well Done everyone, a great fundraising effort.


Peter Pan

Pantomime Time

Years 1-6 visited the Town Hall to watch a Peter Pan pantomime. The children had a brilliant time, singing along and calling out 'he's behind you!' when encouraged. 

Comments from Year 6

 'Smee was funny with his silly jokes'                                                 'I liked Wendy for her enthusiasm especially for Never Land'

'They got everyone involved'                                                             'It was great when Peter tried to catch his shadow.

'I really liked the music, it brought a lot of laughter to the show'            'My favourite part was when Captain Hook turned into an old man'

'The music was modern and cool'                                                      'Nana the dancing dog was great'  



Head of School:
Mrs Louise Hussey
Moorland Road,
Launceston, Cornwall,
PL15 7HX, England.
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