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Year Six



Year 6 staff from left to right: Mrs Nickel, Mrs Volz, class  teacher Miss Bruce, Miss Bounsall and Mrs Fisk. 

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 Follow the Yellow Brick Road..

M & M Theatre group visited the school today, bringing their latest production, Wizard of Oz.  A cast of 4 kept everyone entertained with their hilarious antics as the Tinman tried to find a heart, Lion looked for courage, Scarecrow wanted a brain and Dorothy just wanted to return home to Kansas.

Following the show, Class 6 took part in an actors workshop. The four actors introduced themselves, explaining that between them they played the 17 different characters within this production.  They showed the children the skills needed to bring these characters to life, skills such as changing voices, facial expressions, and different types of movement. They also explained and demonstrated a quick costume change as well as explaining the technical equipment used to control lighting which can have a big effect on creating the atmosphere of a scene.  The workshop finished with the children using some of these skills to act as the wicked witch from the story.

World War II

Swing Style Dance

Year 6 have been learning a World War 2 dance with their music and dance teacher, Mrs Man. The dance began with routines showing activities from the period, land work, machines, typists and munitions workers.This led into the Lindy hop dance, where the children worked in pairs to show their moves, finishing with a whole class finale. Thank you to Year 5 and our Year 6 parents, who were a brilliant audience even joining in with the dance at the end. A special thanks to Mrs Man for her creativity and dance skills in helping Year 6 feel proud of the results.



History Day- World War II

Year 6 invited their parents into school to share this learning day with them. Everyone was involved in great activities, they included: Anderson Shelters, making a miniature air raid shelter and garden; Grow Your Own, preparing the ground and planting seeds; Rationing, cooking with fruit and vegetables to make a tasty Trench stew and an Apple crumble; and Air Raids, experiencing what it might have been like to spend time in an air raid shelter during bombing raids.

As well as having a fun day the children learned lots more about their World War II topic. Thank you to the parents who were able to come in to help and share part of the day with the children.

Trust Event

Year 6 spent a morning, in the woods, with their Year 6 friends from St. Stephens and Windmill Schools. The drizzly weather did not stop the children enjoying the various outdoor activities, they created art, completed a scavenger hunt, played a memory game, built shelters and made stick men, all from the items of nature they could find around them.




Our topic, this half term, is World War 2. We have been looking at the life of children who were evacuated, from the cities, to the safety of the countryside. We also learn about the blitz suffered by London. Today the children have been making their own blitz skyline pictures. They had to use their careful, fine cutting skills and colour wash to achieve the finished results.

Year 6 have been enjoying gymnastic lessons with professional coach Mrs Gill.

This term Year 6 have been putting their English and Grammar skills to use when studying how to write a myth. This started by reading Apollo and The Chimera. To help them memorise this myth the children put actions to key words in the story.


Next, the class used a 'freeze-frame' technique to show how characters might be feeling or what they might be thinking at certain important parts of the myth.


This work will lead the children into writing their own exciting myth which will include;  a hero with a challenge;  a terrifying beast;  and a god who is able to give the hero three gifts to help him defeat the beast.

Christmas Party 2016

Year 6 joined Year 5 to have an exciting, fun afternoon for their Christmas party. After having a feast, thank you to all parents for your generosity, they showed off their moves and grooves by dancing the rest of the afternoon away.


The classroom displays show off our work and at the same time help us with our learning.




Year 6 are enjoying their second year of keyboard lessons with Mrs Mann. They are currently learning Christmas songs.


Pandemonium Theatre

The theatre group entertained and educated the Junior children with their tales of England. The three stories were of Cornish mermaids, Welsh dragons and London Bridge. There was audience participation with children being chosen to act as farmers, fishermen, and even London Bridge as it fell. Everyone enjoyed singing along when encouraged to.



Year 6 enjoyed spending time with their Reception Buddies, learning their literacy story of The Big Carrot. The younger children taught Year 6 the actions they use to help them remember the story.  


Today Year 6 met their Reception Buddies.   The Year 6 Buddy looks out for their Buddy on the playground; to ensure they are happy, with friends to play with and plenty to do.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths......to Save Our Shark!


Year 5 and 6 joined forces at the National Marine Aquarium, in Plymouth, for Operation Shark. They imagined a new Hammerhead Shark had been brought to the Aquarium and they needed to use their STEM skills to get it into its tank as soon as possible, so it could recover and get back home to the ocean.



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